Welcome Mat – First Post Shenanigans!

So now I have a real blog and stuff! Go me!

I’m very excited about this little corner of the interwebs.

Today, I have my first real content post – a story about How I Got My Groove Back (longer title having to do with Matters of Theme and Writing Voice and Wearing Your Talking Dragon on Your Sleeve).

On Thursday, I plan to post about monsters. Slimy, teeth-mashing, under-your-bed monsters.

And finally, on Sunday, a round-up post of neat links. The first entry in a weekly series entitled Sunday Link Love.¬†Because don’t we all love link round-up posts? I know I do.

BLOGGER ME: expect lots of silly gifs and pictures of cute animals and riffs about geeky things and recommendations about more geeky things. 

Also, I like to dance. But only in gifs. Observe.