Why did I just post a picture of my coffee? Because I’m participating in the Coffee Photo Revolution, of course! Go here to see more pictures of coffee.

I’m slipping in right under the deadline by posting this on a Monday evening, which is why my coffee is (decaf) French Vanilla with Hazelnut creamer and just a little sugar. Friends have joked that I like my coffee so sweet that it doesn’t even qualify as coffee anymore. BTW, I’m loving this mug – it’s new because I just bummed it off my mom! Yay for moms!

Truthfully, guys? I need caffeinated coffee right now, because I am TIRED. In the last 2-3 days, I’ve been in 5 states and traveled for something like 16 hours. It was worth it – visiting family is always worth it – but I’m afraid that the 2nd installment of 6 Monsters To Keep You Up at Night will have to wait until tomorrow evening. This post was simple to do, but if I try to tackle monsters, there will be a lot of spelling and grammar beasts. (Tomorrow I will also get caught up with Tweets and replies and comments and emails and reading subscribed blogs and such.)

But right now I’m going to finish my coffee and go to bed. As oxymoronic as that sounds.