Sunday Link Love

I may or may not have gotten most of these links through stalking Beth Revis’s blog, whose book Across the Universe I really really want to read. Like, really.

  • I vaguely knew about this “Dress My Little Pony up like favorite characters” trend, but this group of My Little Ponies as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender is far and above my favorite. Thanks, Rebecca Enzor!

A must-see video for writers. Beth Revis on failure:

  • I love this response to Sady Doyle’s assessment of A Song of Ice and Fire as a sexist work. I actually think ASOIAF is explicitly feminist, and at some point I might make a post about why I feel this way. In the meantime, Alyssa Rosenberg makes a pretty damn good argument, probably better than I could ever do.

Will always rave about this video. Always.


  • More from Beth Revis! Who blogs about first chapters and hooks. Now, in the writer blogging world, there is probably no more typical a post than the obligatory post about first chapters and hooks. What I like about this post is that she breaks down what a hook is. I have always, always thought that writers would be better off talking about hooks as well-done, interesting questions – and since that’s basically what Beth Revis breaks it down to, I’m a big fan of this post.

People have been kind enough to make suggestions for this blog! I want to set up Google Connect in the sidebar, but I’m struggling. Basically, I got an html from Google, but when I put it in the WordPress text/html widget, it doesn’t do anything. WordPress folks, any idea how to circumvent this? It seems that it would make it a lot easier for the Blogspot folks to follow my blog.

Also, I want to get Facebook and Twitter buttons for my post, so I will jump on that tomorrow. *cue The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow in my head*

In other news, I won things this week! Will post about that between the Monday and Thursday content posts.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the links! Sorry the list was a little short this week.

To apologize, here’s a cute kitty. Promise he/she bites.


The Beginning, Middle, and End Blogfest

I decided to participate in the Beginning, Middle and End Blogfest hosted by Kate Larkindale! Because blogfests are apparently my new favorite thing.

Now I know you’re supposed to post the beginning, middle and end of your WIP, but what if you don’t have an ending (or even a middle)? So I’ve decided to post from a short story still under shadow of the mighty revision hammer: SPACE MAN.

I generally don’t like the idea of posting my work online, as I am the nervous neurotic writer sort (if you think nervous neurotic is redundant, then you clearly do not understand the full extent of my neurotic nervousness), so basically I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone BIG-TIME.

But I wanted to participate, mainly to read other people’s entries. So here goes:


In the summer of her thirteenth year, Lauren moved to a small town full of dead people.


That afternoon she took her break outside on the bench with Esta. Esta fanned herself with her hands and simpered, “I can’t stand this heat.” Lauren agreed although she did not understand why it was then that Esta wore a mink coat. Lauren wanted to curl up into a roly-poly bug, to turn her body into shadow, but the heat from her skin would only make the humidity worse. The hiss of cicadas sounded like steam rising from a pot.


Lauren leaned on her knees and gasped for air. The ground was soft and clay-like. She straightened and wind whipped her hair. Above her an airplane scarred blue sky with spiraling tracks of white clouds. The air smelled like earth.


Since this is a fairly long work (roughly 7000 words) I’m not sure what sense can be made out of context.

Actually, my chosen paragraphs feel naked without the rest of the story!