Some Important Facts About Annalise:

  • In fifth grade, Annalise Green achieved classroom fame with her story about a dinosaur alien who fights off a race of bug-like alien invaders. Her story succeeded mostly because there was a dinosaur alien. Since then, her writing has not changed much.
  • After learning that she should write what she knows, Annalise began to write about dragons, princesses, androids, time travel, spiders, towers, demons and moody teenagers. In that order. Oh, and aliens.
  • She may or may not have entered this world through a grimoire, but she will never tell. Nonetheless, sources have confirmed that she loves the word “grimoire”.
  • If she met a dinosaur, her response would be a roundhouse kick and a one-two punch. And then she would die.

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  1. You haven’t posted a single blog post and I’m already hooked. You have one of the funniest, most interesting About pages (and other info-ish pages) I have seen yet. I look forward to reading what are sure to be highly enjoyable blogs.


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