Sunday Link Love

Hello out there! Hopefully Irene isn’t beating you up too much.

Full disclosure: I am visiting my mother. My mother lives on a hill. By a river. Which has flooded twice in the last decade, not in a dangerous sort of way (the water doesn’t move very fast), but a vaguely amusing ‘The-1st-floor-of-the-Best-Western-by-the-river-is-submerged” kind of way. I am extremely worried that I will get landlocked on this hill, or rather waterlocked, so let’s all cross our fingers, mmkay?

Also, there’s a tornado warning in my area. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN #imnotgettinganysleeptonight #reallytornado #imnotevenontwitter

EDIT: By the way, if you’re in my campaign and/or you’ve commented here, I will make my way to subscribing/commenting on your blog! It might be a day or two, though.

In other news, it’s almost like the Internet knew I was going to do my First Ever Link Round-Up Post this week, because the links I found did not disappoint. On to some linky goodness!


  • Betty White! Is hosting an awesome reality show about “oldsters” pranking young whippersnappers. This is a remake of a show in Belgium. No, really.
  • Cracked, while often amusing and strangely informative (in a vaguely misinformed sort of way), is not usually the place you go for emotionally honest posts that make you weepy. Except when they do things like this and post about 8 tiny things that stopped suicides.
  • Relatedly, here’s some concept art from Tangled. I suggest going back a few pages – the blog is really old, at least in blog years, and it’s fascinating to watch a talented artist change and grow over time.
  • I really enjoyed this post from Claire Legrand, not because I can commiserate right now, but because I’ve had times in my life when I could commiserate, and we probably all have. In general, I support people showering. It is known.
  • Webcomics! How did I not know about this earlier? Meet the webcomic Axe Cop, which is about…well, Axe Cop. The tagline is “Written by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother”, which is probably the most accurate description of my fiction I’ve ever found, like ever, except that there are no 29 year old cartoonists willing to draw my dinosaur aliens.
  • More webcomics! How did I also not know about this sooner? Strange, since I loved Faith Erin Hick’s Zombies Calling. She does it again with her superhero comic imaginatively titled The Adventures of Superhero Girl. Check it out – it’s worth the read, trust me.

So. Earlier this week, I had a dream about James Earl Jones becoming my writing teacher. He had some sort of conflict with the administration of whatever school I was attending, and he ended up quitting the job. And then my mother, who had not previously been in the dream, turned to me and said, “Annalise, this is what you do when the going gets tough. You QUIT.” And then I learned an important life lesson about not learning important life lessons from dreams, which probably almost always involve James Earl Jones at some level and are most definitely the opposite of what my mother would say in real life.

This is/was related to something. There was an awesome Lion King blooper reel circulating around Youtube earlier this week, but Disney took it down, supposedly because of a copyright claim but more likely because they are on a personal crusade to ruin my Sunday Link Love series. Disney, you win this one little battle just maybe but I still have the war.

Also? I have a tiny mouse holding a tiny teddy bear. BEAT THAT DISNEY. Beat that.