10 Random Facts About Me

I saw this circulating around the Internet and I liked the idea so much that I wanted to tag myself, but now the Internet Gods have heard my prayers and I don’t need to. I’ve been tagged by Avery Marsh! Thank you, Avery.

EDIT: I was also tagged by Kate Swenson! This post will count for that, too. ❤ Thank you, lovely ladies!

Needless to say, this deserves a happy dance.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 random facts about me:

  • Root bear and peanut butter are their own food group. This is not a fact about me, this is just a fact.
  • I’m a gamer. I count Harvest Moon, Sims 3, Phoenix Wright, and Dragon Age among my many gaming obsessions.
  • I’m an asthmatic short person who was born with a club foot (fixed through serial casting, although I still have some chronic pain). Athletics was never in the cards.
  • My highest WPM ever was 112. I think this is pretty fast, personally.
  • I’m allergic to cats. This makes me very, very sad.
  • I grew up in Pennsylvania. Cornfields are beautiful to me.
  • I have a learning disability; I also have a lot of thoughts and feelings about learning disability stigma. I went into psychology in order to work with people with learning disabilities.
  • I’m such an avid soda drinker that I’m embarrassed to tell you how much soda I drink per day.
  • I collect glass Coca Cola bottles, the older the better. The oldest have thick glass and an upraised logo. It’s a great, cheap hobby – even the oldest bottles should only run you about 2-3$ (if it’s not a racket – someone tried to sell me 1 for 25$ today!), most antique stores have a few, and they make great windowsill decorations. I imagine crafty people (which I am not) could do a lot with them.

Now it’s my turn to tag some people!

I hereby use my sparkly tagging wand to bequeath 10 random facts onto thee (hopefully none of these people have been tagged before and/or are interested in being tagged):

Ari Susu-Mago

Barbara McDowell

Claudie A.


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  1. I drink copious amounts of diet coke/pepsi per day. I get stressed out if we even come close to running out. My daughter has just started collecting glass coke bottles. All hers are quite modern right now, I shall tell her to check antique shops.

    • It’s a neat hobby! I wouldn’t recommend paying over 4-5$ for a single bottle, because it’s very hard to tell the old from the modern sometimes so it’s possible to get ripped off (feasibly someone could take a modern one from their trash, roll it around in the dirt, and sell it to people for a lot). The oldest ones have very thick glass, maybe even kind of green, and an upraised logo. It’s possible to get old ones with the painted logo but they all have that thick, thick glass in common.

      I also get stressed when I run out of soda. Mostly root beer…

  2. Oh my gosh! A tag!

    OBJECTION! *slams (one single) hand and cues the music*

    I am a die-hard fan of Phoenix Wright, and I get the occasional surge of Harvest Moon loving too, at which point I’m constantly talking about my cows and my wife, which confused my boyfriend last time. If you haven’t played the Professor Layton games and love riddles, you should. Mainly because they’re having a Layton-Phoenix crossover game soon.

    /cuts off the uber geekness.

    Also, I had to real objections to the tag. I just wanted to be all Edgeworth-awesome. ^^ Thanks!

    • Yes, I just went through a phase of Harvest Moon obsession! I get very attached to my cows and especially my horse. And the dog, if that version has a dog.

      I want to check out Professor Layton. I got one of them for my bro and he liked it. I’m SUPER SUPER excited for the crossover and I will definitely get that one. I just got a DS so I’m grabbing all the cool DS games.

  3. We should swap stories about our excessive soda consumption. I bet I’m right up there with you.

    Great list! I miss playing Harvest Moon – and FF – can’t wait for TS3 pets!! ZOMG HORSES. I loved DA:O. Not so much DA2. I just don’t have a lot of time for video games anymore…tragic. 😥

    Holla from an exercise-induced-asthmatic tall person. I used to do competitive swim, but running was my Achilles heel…

    112wpm?! BLAZING.

    My own list will show up sometime in the near future…probably.

    • DA2 is shockingly different from DA:O! I like both but they are very, very different games and I can see how fans of one might not necessarily like the other.

      I like swimming! I’m a decent swimmer. Also ice skating! Swimming and ice skating are the only sports I can really do.

      Looking forward to your list!

  4. Hi there! Just stopping by from the Campaign (and in particular, the Sci Fi group we’re both a part of) to say hi! Nice to meet you. 🙂

  5. I love peanut butter! Good to know the facts about you.

    Every Savage Can Reproduce

    • I know, now everyone can be prepared for some sort of doomsday scenario where they have to seduce/capture/overthrow me…

      Peanut butter forever ❤

  6. We totally have the soda thing in common – I LOVE me my Coca Cola! And athletics was never in the cards for me, either, but that’s just because I’m extremely slow and uncoordinated.

    PS: I loooooved your Calvin and Hobbes happy dance!!! It made me 🙂

    • Isn’t it CUTE? Calvin and Hobbes is just. my. favorite. thing!

      I’m also slow and uncoordinated. I think I use those other things as excuses to hide the extent of my slowness and uncoordinateness (totes a word). We should form a club! Everyone will be jealous and want to be in our club but can’t because they are not nearly as slow and/or uncoordinated as we are.

      Coca Cola forever too ❤

  7. Hey, Annalise! Just prove how awesome I think your blog is. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. For details on how that works see my post: Versatile Blogger Award

    • Whaaaaaaat?! That’s ridiculously awesome! I will need to think of more random facts…but there’s always a ton of those lying around!

  8. WPM 112? As in words per minute? like in typing? Holy smokes girl! I stumble along at my 35 and feel good. Maybe you’re talking about something else…like whipped pumpkin martinis? Yeah, that makes more sense.

    Whew. I feel better now. Good stress relief. Thanks.

    • Well, to be fair, I only got it from playing one of those Internet games where you time your typing against a clock. I played that one so much that I got really familiar, and after doing it for a few months I gradually brought my typing up from the 80s to the 112 high score. Outside of that one game, I probably type more in the 70s/80s which is still pretty fast but not AS fast.

  9. I originally read that first one as “My favourite CHANT is USA. . .” And I was picturing something along the lines of “USA! USA! USA!”. But I digress. It’s certainly getting to be past my bedtime now.

  10. Debbie Johansson

     /  September 5, 2011

    Just stopping by to say hello. We’re in the same horror group during the campaign. I look forward to blogging with you and learning more about you.

    BTW – I live in a gaming obsessed house. I just make every effort not to fit in too much! 🙂


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