Some (More) Important Facts About Me:

  • I hate moths.
  • I wasn’t born with mottephobia. I developed mottephobia after a traumatic incident. I won’t tell you about said traumatic incident, because I don’t want people to be grossed out and blacklist this site. It’s my Noodle Incident.
  • I will tell you that from the ages of approximately 5 to 13, my family had a horrible moth infestation that actually followed us from 3 houses, because the moths kept getting in the packing boxes. There was scarcely a time where there weren’t at least 2 moths in every room. We set up multiple moth traps in the laundry room, and I remember watching the moths pile on the entire body of the traps, moth on top of moth on top of moth.
  • The Incident Which Shall Not Be Named occurred during this infestation, but said infestation wasn’t the incident itself.
  • Unlike many people with mottephobia, I’m fine with butterflies.
  • This is what moths look like to me:
  • I’m not a religious person, but I believe that one day, all monkeys will rise up against all moths, ushering in an era of peace and prosperity for all.
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  1. I like moths, but them and butterflies are about the only insects I actually DO like. Also? I can relate – I have melissophobia (fear of bees) BIG TIME. Like, I see a bee, I screech and run as fast as my short little legs can carry me in the opposite direction. The funny part? I have (thus far and I am knocking on every single piece of wood I own) never been stung!

    • Oh, I don’t like bees either! Not enough to be phobic but I understand – us never-been-stung need to stick together! And not get stung. That’s that main thing.

      Your description of screeching and running used to be me for a LONG time with moths, I’m finally a bit better but I still freak out a lot.

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